Bass River State Forrest

The Bass River State Forest is one of New Jersey's environmental wonders by sheer size alone, encompassing over 26,000 acres of forested land straddling Ocean and Burlington counties, along with a lake, streams, campgrounds, hiking trails and the remnants of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp from the 1930s. An increased demand for power along the South Jersey coast spanning these counties precipitated the need for an upgrade and reconfiguration of Conectiv Power Delivery's transmission lines. Upon determining that the project would exert an adverse effect on the Bass River State Forest, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office required the completion of a cultural landscape survey to offset the effects of the upgraded power line. Gregory served as the project manager and principal investigator on the Bass River State Forest Cultural Landscape Survey, entailing the survey, analysis and documentation of all cultural (man-made) resources within the state forest. In doing so, he has not only enabled Conectiv to move forward in supplying additional power to the residents of South Jersey, but also established a framework for future planning initiatives as it relates to both preservation and redevelopment of a spectacular state forest.

* Completed while at
Cultural Resource Consulting Group


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